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Motivations for mapping Third Sector organisations in the UK

7 minute read


We are not the first team to attempt the construction of a UK-wide database on the third sector, and it is worth reflecting on why we are doing this and the ways in which our work will – we hope – build on some previous efforts to do so.

Building a UK Third Sector Database

2 minute read


The voluntary sector is widely acknowledged as containing very large numbers of organisations that make an enormous contribution to well-being and social cohesion in the UK. It encompasses charities, social enterprises, mutuals, cooperatives, and many less formal voluntary and community organisations. We know a great deal from survey data about patterns of individual giving to charities, and about patterns of volunteering. But there is a substantial gap in the availability of high-quality data about voluntary organisations. And it is argued that better-quality information and evidence would lead to the contribution of those organisations being properly recognised, leading in turn to higher levels of public and voluntary support for them.