Meet the Team


Professor John Mohan

John Mohan is a Professor of Social Policy in the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology at the University of Birmingham where he is currently Director of the Third Sector Research Centre. Follow him on Twitter here.

Professor Alasdair Rutherford

Alasdair Rutherford is a Professor of Social Statistics at the University of Stirling. His research focus is the analysis of administrative and survey data in the fields of health, social care and the third sector. Find him on Twitter here, and on GitHub here.

Dr David Clifford

David Clifford is an Associate Professor at the University of Southampton where he pursues research interests at the interface of demography and social policy, with a particular focus on the voluntary sector and volunteering. Find him on Twitter here.

Dr Diarmuid McDonnell

Diarmuid McDonnell is a Lecturer in the School of Education and Social Sciences at the University of West Scotland. He publishes research which examines a number of interrelated topics concerning the nonprofit/charity sector: including funding sources and networks, and overseas activities. Find him on Twitter here, and on GitHub here.

Dr Charles Rahal

Charles Rahal is a Computational Social Scientist who analyzes unstructured data with new methodological tools, with interests in but not limited to the Third Sector. He is a Senior Departmental Research Lecturer at the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at the Univeristy of Oxford. Find him on GitHub here.

Research Fellows

Alan Duggan

Alan is a political scientist with an interest in political campaigns, political advertising, and electoral politics more broadly. He is currently a research fellow on the Open Elections project at the University of Nottingham and has also worked on projects focusing on the financial vulnerability of third sector organisations and healthy ageing in Scotland.

Fiona Couper Kenney

Fiona Couper Kenney has a background in maths and probablistic modelling, with research interests in equity in education.

Project Administration

Annabel Young

Annabel, based at the University of Stirling, joined the team as Project Coordinator in January 2024. She has many years of project managment and administration experience in IT and most recently in research projects.

External Collaborators

David Kane

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